2016-03-07 hschang[main] add sigterm handler.
2016-03-04 hschang[Frontend] Fix lock fail for linked tuners.
2016-03-04 hschang[SEC] Fix 0 byte recording issue in linked tuner.
2016-02-26 smleeCache ddp/aac/he-aac pid in lamedb
2015-12-23 kdhFix RC key position on help menu.
2015-12-23 hschangIt is not supported loopthrough to tuners if the tuner...
2015-12-08 hschang[Timeshift] write .sc file during timeshift to improve...
2015-12-02 hschangRemove FastZapSupport plugin. (FCC will be implemented...
2015-12-02 hschang[TSPlayback] Fix UHD TS playback on fastForward and...
2015-11-27 hschang[servicemp3] disable ssl-strict for souphttpsrc to...
2015-11-25 hschang[TransCodingSetup] support 1080P with Solo4K.
2015-11-03 hschang[Videomode] support HDMI colorspace. (Currently, this...
2015-10-28 hschang[pvrparse, tstools] fix for 16x playback H.265.
2015-10-19 hschangupdate dvbapp.
2015-06-29 hschang[unicable] Support JESS(EN50607) and update unicable...
2015-06-23 hschang[SatipClient] Add new plugin.
2015-04-22 hschang[ScanSetup] Fix error on complete scan with T2 tuners.
2015-04-16 hschang[scanSetup] fix indentation.
2015-04-16 hschang[ScanSetup] fix TT3L10 automatic scan problem.
2015-03-12 hschangRemove VuplusEvent plugin.
2015-02-17 hschang[ScanSetup] Fix DVB-T2 Scan when tuner does not have...
2015-02-16 hschang[ScanSetup] Support VUPLUS TURBO automatic scan.
2015-02-16 hschang[frontend] use dvb type with delsys instead of m_type.
2015-02-12 smlee[hbbtv] revert keymap fixed.
2015-02-12 smleefix libsigc++ crash
2015-02-06 hschangSupport gles animation.
2015-01-06 smlee[hbbtv] fix crash parsing xml.
2014-12-05 hschang[PATready] 'cnt' is increased twice, causing failure...
2014-11-21 oskwon[3gmodemmanager] support kernel 3.9 & 3.13.
2014-11-18 hschangSupport Vu+ Zero.
2014-11-12 hschang[Harddisk] add findMount for OpenWebif.
2014-11-07 hschangUpdate httpstream
2014-10-23 hschang[ScanSetup] Support TT3L10 automatic scan.
2014-10-20 hschang[TransCodingSetup] fix set config bug and wrong descrip...
2014-10-10 hschang[DeviceManager] fix checkSwapExtended (use parted inste...
2014-10-07 hschang[ScanSetup] dvb-t2 channel should be searched using...
2014-09-15 hschang[WirelessLanSetup] add quote to wpa_passphrase for...
2014-08-04 hschang[DeviceManager] Support format a VFAT filesystem larger...
2014-07-30 smlee[hbbtv] fix crash
2014-07-25 smleeMerge branch 'vuplus_experimental' of
2014-07-25 smlee[hbbtv] compatibility for SD skin
2014-07-21 hschangRevert "fix wrong position of rc-key on help" (9135f38a...
2014-07-21 smlee[hbbtv] fix UI position
2014-07-18 smlee[hbbtv] fix closing timing
2014-07-17 smlee[hbbtv] fix ipc protocol
2014-07-15 hschangSet sync PCR at PIP mode.
2014-07-14 smlee[hbbtv] upgraded.
2014-07-11 smleeMerge branch 'vuplus_experimental' of
2014-07-11 OSJfix worng position of rc-key on help
2014-07-09 smlee[Vbrowser] imported.
2014-05-18 oskwonSupport soloSE on text input.
2014-05-18 oskwonMerge branch 'vuplus_experimental' of
2014-05-15 hschang[WirelessLanSetup] fix AP scan interval
2014-05-15 oskwonSupport soloSE on some plugin.
2014-05-15 smlee[videomode] enabled Scart for soloSE
2014-05-14 hschangMerge branch 'vuplus_experimental' of
2014-05-14 hschang[HDMICEC, Transcoding] fix for solose
2014-05-14 hschang[WirelessLanSetup] fix bug and AP scan menu
2014-05-14 smlee[videomode] support VusoloSE
2014-05-13 hschangcleanup and remove FactoryTest
2014-04-08 hschang[NimManager] fix hasNimType for DVB-T2
2014-04-04 hschang[keymap/rcinput] Adding key code for fastforward/rewind.
2014-03-31 hschang[DeviceManager] fix is mountable.
2014-03-17 hschang[VideoEnhancement] add entry vertical_dejagging, smooth
2014-03-14 hschang[WirelessAccessPoint] remove so library.
2014-03-10 hschang[Frontend] fix set PLP ID for DVB API VERSION 5.9 or...
2014-03-10 hschang[AV Settings] add PCM Multichannel entry.
2014-03-07 hschang[Customize] add preferred tuner option.
2014-03-06 kos[blindscan] support bcm7346 tunner.
2014-02-17 smleefix ait dump w/ multi-section
2014-01-20 smlee[hbbtv] fix crash restart after installation.
2014-01-16 smlee[hbbtv] fix check vuplus
2014-01-16 smlee[hbbtv] fix playing live stream after vod stop
2014-01-16 smlee[hbbtv] works for compatibility
2014-01-14 hschangservicemp3 : fix wrong playing time.
2014-01-10 kos[hbbtv] fixed a wrong red-button url bug.
2014-01-10 kos[hbbtv/youtubetv] fixed volume control bug.
2014-01-09 smleeMerge branch 'vuplus_experimental' of
2014-01-08 smlee[hbbtv] fix zapping delay from ait handling.
2014-01-08 hschangservicemp3 : fix getSubtitleType
2013-12-31 smlee[hbbtv] changed ait handle
2013-12-24 kosadd youtube tv and remove resolution setting.
2013-12-16 hschangAudio Effect : when all of 3D surround audioout are...
2013-12-13 hschangA/V settings : update.
2013-12-13 hschangTranscodingSetup : fix bitrate range. (Min : 100k,...
2013-12-13 hschangfix Audio Effect plugin. (use h264 video codec)
2013-12-12 hschangadd Audio Effect plugin.
2013-12-12 hschangTranscoding : support multiple encoders and fix skin
2013-12-12 hschangTranscoding : support resolution setting , and advanced...
2013-11-21 kosadded media file format. (wmv,wma,asf)
2013-11-06 hschangMerge branch 'vuplus_experimental' of
2013-11-06 hschangServiceScan : modify to prevent error
2013-11-05 koshide activation item on UI and modify inetd.conf parser.
2013-11-01 hschangsupport DVB-T2 auto scan
2013-10-29 kos[blindscan] fixed nim_sockets parser.
2013-10-29 kossupport for ssh108 automatic scan.
2013-10-23 kos[transcoding setup] support filestreamproxy(8003).
2013-10-17 hschangDeviceManager : support GPT
2013-10-10 kos[blindscan] fixed bug in ScanNimsocket function.
2013-10-02 hschangfix ServiceInfo for plpid, and revert unnecessary fixes.