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last changeMon, 12 Nov 2018 08:58:30 +0000 (17:58 +0900)
2018-11-12 hschangSupport duo4k. vuplus_experimental mirror/vuplus_experimental
2018-11-02 hschang[ChannelSelection] Fix to remove terrestrial/cable...
2018-10-19 hschang[MovieSelection] fix bug on MovieSelection.
2018-10-19 hschang[ServiceInfo] Fix bug on show transponder info menu.
2018-10-19 hschang[Satfinder] fix bug on setup menu.
2018-10-10 hschang[ScanSetup] Fix default system value for tuner not...
2018-10-05 hschangFix network test.
2018-10-05 hschang[ScanSetup] Add MTSIF Dual T2 Tuner automatic scan.
2018-09-27 hschang[WirelessLanSetup] fixed to be set in the Network menu.
2018-09-27 hschang[MovieSelection] Improve selecting video folder.
2018-09-27 hschang[NetworkSetup] update ifaces before create setup.
2018-09-05 hschang[DeviceManager] remove mount/umount menu & fix LCD...
2018-08-29 hschang[MediaPlayer] fix bug in "add directory to playlist".
2018-08-29 hschangFix crash on helpmenu.
2018-08-29 hschang[About] Display network info in About menu.
2018-08-27 hschangFix crash for 4097 service.
4 weeks ago vuplus_experimental