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last changeMon, 27 Aug 2018 06:53:01 +0000 (15:53 +0900)
2018-08-27 hschangFix crash for 4097 service. vuplus_experimental
2018-08-27 hschangUpdate EPG Cache(thanks to open source community)
2018-05-30 hschang[RemoteControlCode] fix default type.
2018-04-09 hschangRemove miscControl and move Ci Delay option to CI Setting.
2018-03-20 hschang[dvbci] Change the location to add vtuner pid.
2018-03-15 hschangAdd Relevant PIDs Routing. (for support Extra high...
2018-03-12 hschang[RecordTimer] fix calculate filename for missing return...
2018-03-02 hschang[SystemInfo] Add PVRSupport.
2018-02-28 hschang[Skin] use default Full HD skin for 4k models.
2018-02-28 hschang[Blindscan] Support zero4k.
2018-02-28 hschang[AnimationSetup] fix default animation speed for uno4k...
2018-02-28 hschangSupport DVB-S2X.
2018-02-22 hschangFix default recording path and usb recording.
2018-02-07 hschang[Scan] Fix DVB-T2 Network Scan. (need update libdvbsi...
2017-12-20 smleefix ait parsing descriptors in any order
2017-11-27 hschang[RC] apply RcArrow skin parameters for only new Vu...
3 weeks ago vuplus_experimental
3 years ago vuplus_experimental_gst10