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last changeThu, 12 Apr 2018 06:16:01 +0000
9 days ago schonupdate drivers(uno4k, uno4kse, ultimo4k) master
11 days ago schonupdate driver(solo4k)
12 days ago hschang[dvbapp] remove misc control plugin.
12 days ago schonupdate driver(solo4k)
2018-04-06 schonupdate drivers(solo4k, uno4k, uno4kse, ultimo4k)
2018-03-23 hschang[linux-vuplus-3.14.28] fix SRC_URI for patch. (add...
2018-03-20 hschang[dvbapp] increase PR.
2018-03-19 schonupdate drivers(duo2, solo2, solose, zero, zero4k)
2018-03-16 smlee[opera-hbbtv] update hbbtv
2018-03-15 hschang[dvbapp] increase PR.
2018-03-15 schonupdate drivers(4k models)
2018-03-12 hschang[dvbapp] increase dvbapp PR.
2018-03-12 smlee[webkit-hbbtv] improve stability for some services.
2018-03-08 oskwonsupport 2160p video(VP9)
2018-03-02 hschangfix SRC_URI for minidlna, dvbmediasink, dvbsnoop.
2018-03-02 hschang[dvbapp] apply pvr patch to E2
9 days ago master