AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2015-12-15add sessionmap.cpp to
2015-12-15support solo4k and fix play bug.oskwon
2014-11-20Fix transcoding startup bug.oskwon
2014-10-27Fix hanup issue and reduce cpu usage.oskwon
2014-06-29Support backward compatibility.oskwon
2014-06-29Support autoconf and automake on openembedded.oskwon
2014-06-28Remove old transtreamproxy sources.oskwon
2014-06-28Merge branch 'tsp_new' into transtreamproxyoskwon
2014-06-26Fix backward compatibility.oskwon
2014-06-25Change build path.oskwon
2014-06-25Fix some mistake.oskwon
2014-06-23Improve performance for seeking and starting transcoding.oskwon
2014-06-23Refactoring Mpeg class.oskwon
2014-06-23Fix seek bug on file-transcoding.oskwon
2014-06-23Add error/athorization response.oskwon
2014-06-18Add relative seek.oskwon
2014-06-18Add request type(/m3u) for Vu+PlayerHD (IOS).oskwon
2014-06-18Rename openpli-streamproxy to external.oskwon
2014-06-17Implement file seek using PCR offset.oskwon
2014-06-12Fix seek bug.oskwon
2014-06-12Fix bug for large file.oskwon
2014-06-12Add session control module at encoder.oskwon
2014-06-12import sources.oskwon
2013-12-03support multiple transcoding.kos
2013-11-14change log message.kos
2013-11-06new transtreamproxy starts, kill existing transtreamproxy.kos
2013-11-05check valid PID before setting to demux.kos
2013-11-04remove unused code at filepumpthread.kos
2013-11-04change name from filestreamproxy to transtreamproxy.kos
2013-11-04added setting pmt-pid at transcodingdevice.kos
2013-11-04added live-transcoding module.kos
2013-10-31fixed bug that audio in some of files does not played.HEADmasterkos
2013-10-31fixed return value at uridecoder.kos
2013-10-31fixed to handle large files.kos
2013-10-31modified OE_TOP path.kos
2013-10-31add ignore files.kos
2013-10-27add ignore files.kos
2013-10-23import filestreamproxy sources.kos