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2019-12-18update driver(duo4k)schon
- Limit the PiP window size up to the one fourth of the main window
2019-11-25update driver(duo4k)schon
- Fixed AAC-HE audio problem - Fixed audio noise problem - Cleaned up DVB-CI
2019-10-14update driver(duo4k)schon
- Support snd pcm audio driver
2019-04-24update drivers(4k models)schon
- Support MIS in 45308X DVB-S2X tuner(uno4k, uno4kse, ultimo4k, duo4k) - Fixed DVB-CI init. - Fixed demux(incorrect pid) - Fixed vtuner(zero4k) - Support DVB-C in Dual MTSIF DVB-T2 tuner(uno4k, uno4kse, ultimo4k, duo4k) ** limitation : TS is broken when both tuenres are in use. (When one tuner is configured as DVB-C and the other one is configured as DVB-T2)
2019-02-12update driver(duo4k)schon
- Fixed timer key - Fixed DVB-CI Init.
2019-01-30update driver(duo4k)schon
- Fixed AAC-HE audio problem
2019-01-07update driver(duo4k)schon
- Fixed recording problem.
2018-12-26update driver(duo4k)schon
- Fixed PID filtering, initialization(restart) problem in DVB-CI - Removed ununsed proc entries
2018-12-20update driver(duo4k)schon
- Fixed media(with AC3 audio) playback, when downmix is off
2018-12-13update driver(duo4k)schon
- Fixed DVB-CI problem - Fixed LCD init.
2018-12-06update driver(duo4k)schon
- Fixed tuing problem in FBC DVB-C tuner - Fixed DVB-CI init.
2018-12-05update driver(duo4k)schon
- Fixed GUI restart problem when FBC DVB-C tuner is installed - Fixed LNB problem in DVB-S2X tuner when FBC DVB-C tuner is installed in the Slot A.
2018-12-04update drivers(4k models)schon
- Fixed FCC problem - Fixed DVB-C / T change when 2 MTSIF Dual DVB-T2 tuners are installed(ultimo4k) - Improved demux performance - Fixed misc.
2018-11-30update driver(duo4k)schon
- Fixed demux problem in the 2nd slot - Changed return value in AVL/3D proc entries(entries remain as it will be supported later)
2018-11-28fix blindscan in TunerB slot(FBC DVB-C V2, dual DVB-T2 )schon
2018-11-26update driver(duo4k)schon
- Fixed no audio problem - Imporved demux
2018-11-21update driver(duo4k)schon
- Fixed demux problem
2018-11-21update driver(duo4k)schon
- Fixed transcoding(audio) problem - Improved audio decoding(new firmware)
2018-11-20update driver(duo4k)schon
- Fixed DVB-CI Init.
2018-11-20update driver(duo4k)schon
- Fixed transcoding - Fixed DVB-CI initialisation problem
2018-11-19update driver(duo4k)schon
- Fixed demux problem - Fixed scrambled playback
2018-11-16update driver(duo4k)schon
- cleaned up log
2018-11-16update driver(duo4k)schon
- Fix demux problem - Fix transcoding
2018-11-15update driver(duo4k)schon
- Fix LCD problem - Adjust demux bandwidth
2018-11-13Support duo4k.hschang