2015-05-11 hschang[Makefile] set MULTI_TEMPORARILY to YES.
2015-05-08 hschang[autofs] remove, it is not being used...
2015-05-07 hschang[opera-hbbtv] remove old version.
2015-05-07 hschang[opera-hbbtv] update lastest version.
2015-05-07 hschang[gstreamer] Fix directory gstreamer1.0 to gstreamer.
2015-05-07 hschang[gstreamer] Remove gstreamer 0.10.
2015-05-07 hschang[gstreamer1.0] Remove *.bbappend and update.
2015-05-07 hschang[autofs] fix options.
2015-05-06 hschang[autofs] update to latest version.
2015-05-06 hschang[usb-modeswitch-data] update to latest version.
2015-05-06 hschangRemove warning messages.
2015-04-27 hschangRemove warning messages.
2015-04-13 hschanguse fixed SRCREV 1e99787f3387d3dd1e6167af73597674bf8fe37d.
2015-04-10 hschang[gstreamer1.0-plugin-dvbmediasink] fix vuplus.patch...
2015-04-10 hschang[lzma] remove the recipe (xz from oe-core include lzma).
2015-04-10 hschang[dvbincludes] fix PACKAGE_ARCH to MACHINE_ARCH.
2015-04-10 hschangFix meta-bsp structure.
2015-03-30 hschang[dvbmediasink] Remove WMV patch.
2015-03-30 hschang[linux-libc-headers] Use oe-core's linux-libc-headers.
2015-03-30 hschangMerge remote-tracking branch 'oe_21/master' into vuplus...
2015-03-17 schonupdate proxy drivers and utils
2015-03-17 schonupdate drivers
2015-03-12 hschangMerge remote-tracking branch 'oe_21/master' into vuplus...
2015-03-12 hschangincrease dvbapp PR.
2015-03-04 schonfix Dual DVB-T2/C aumatic scan problem
2015-03-03 hschangAdd vuplus-tuner-turbo driver.
2015-03-02 hschangFix SRCDATE of proxy drivers and utils.
2015-03-02 hschang[usbtunerhelper] apply fix_set_delsys.patch
2015-03-02 hschangIncrease dvbapp PR.
2015-03-02 schonupdate drivers
2015-03-02 schonupdate proxy drivers and utils
2015-02-24 smlee[hbbtv] support OE 3.0
2015-02-24 hschangfix DISTRO_FEED_URI
2015-02-24 hschang[dvbapp] fix SRC_URI
2015-02-24 hschang[dvbapp] remove AUTOREV
2015-02-16 hschangbuild fix.
2015-02-12 hschangMerge remote-tracking branch 'oe_21/master' into vuplus-3.0
2015-02-12 smleeIncrease dvbapp PR.
2015-02-11 hschang[task-vuplus-enigma2] Increase PR to include enigma2...
2015-02-11 hschang[rt73-firmware] fix checksum
2015-02-11 hschang[base-files] install /media/net for enigma2-plugins...
2015-02-11 hschang[busybox] remove mkfs.vfat and update defconfig with...
2015-02-11 hschang[elfutils] Set preferred version 0.148, because latest...
2015-02-10 hschang[libav] Backward version to 0.8.15, to build current...
2015-02-10 hschang[djmount] build fix.
2015-02-09 hschang[udev] unset udev_run in uudev.conf
2015-02-09 hschangUse default volatiles and mount /run directory with...
2015-02-09 hschang[udev] cleanup bbappend.
2015-02-09 hschangUpdate version ppp, orc, mc and linux-vuplus configure...
2015-02-09 hschangRemove package error, [libbluray, libshairport] is...
2015-02-09 hschangUpdate bitbake, meta-oe, oe-core.
2015-02-06 hschangfix DL_DIR.
2015-02-06 hschang[dvbapp] fix pluginbrowser patch.
2015-02-06 hschangSupport gles animation.
2015-02-05 hschangincrease dvbapp PR.
2015-02-05 hschang[dvbapp] include amr decoder.
2015-02-05 hschangAdd gst-plugin-subsink, GST VERSION < 1.0
2015-02-05 hschang[dvbapp] use AUTOREV.
2015-02-05 hschangAdd distutils-openplugins.bbclass
2015-02-05 hschang[initscripts] remove needless mountrun scripts and...
2015-02-05 hschang[vuplus.conf] Set PREFERRED_VERSION udev to 182
2015-02-05 hschang[vuplus.conf] remove COMMERCIAL_PLUGINS
2015-02-05 hschangRemove libdca.
2015-02-05 hschang[gstreamer] Update to 1.4.5
2015-01-22 hschangMerge remote-tracking branch 'oe21/master' into vuplus-3.0
2015-01-13 hschang[enigma2-plugin-extensions-openwebif] use fixed SRCREV.
2015-01-09 schonupdate drivers
2015-01-06 smlee[hbbtv] fix VOD play problem
2015-01-06 hschang[task-vuplus-essential] Add analog/digital USB Tuners.
2015-01-05 hschang[linux-vuplus] Fix kernel features.
2014-12-31 schonupdate drivers
2014-12-29 schonupdate drivers
2014-12-24 hschangMerge remote-tracking branch 'oe21/master' into vuplus-3.0
2014-12-23 hschang[procps] vm.min_free_kbytes is removed in sysctl.conf"
2014-12-23 hschang[udev] fix additional rules.
2014-12-23 hschang[procps] vm.min_free_kbytes is removed in sysctl.conf.
2014-12-22 hschang[udev] Update to 182.
2014-12-22 hschang[initscripts] prevent to create /dev/tty0.
2014-12-19 hschang[orc] remove error messages.
2014-12-18 hschang[orc] update to lastest version in oe-core.
2014-12-18 hschang[gst-plugins-base] add cdparanoia to DEPENDS.
2014-12-18 hschang[wvdial, wvstreams] update to lastest version in oe...
2014-12-18 hschang[openssl] update to lastest version in oe-core (now...
2014-12-18 hschang[openwebif] remove 'cleanup images' to prevent build...
2014-12-18 hschang[autoshutdown] Fix patch.
2014-12-17 hschang[realtek] remove old r8712u/r8192cu drivers.
2014-12-17 hschang[procps] add PACKAGE_ARCH=MACHINE_ARCH to procps_3...
2014-12-17 hschang[enigma2-plugin-extensions-openwebif] add python-number...
2014-12-17 hschang[e2openplugins] apply changes from upstream.
2014-12-17 hschang[python-zopeinterface] generate pkg ${PN}-tests.
2014-12-17 hschang[dvbapp] fix wrong boolean type.
2014-12-17 hschangupdate submodules. (bitbake, meta-oe, oe-core)
2014-12-17 hschang[vuplus.conf] remove PREFERRED_VERSION for libpng.
2014-12-16 hschang[opkg-collateral] remove bbappend, use defaults.
2014-12-16 hschang[ltrace] build fix.
2014-12-16 hschang[libpng] use lasest version on oe-core. (1.6.8 -> 1...
2014-12-16 hschang[gdb] remove needless bbappend.
2014-12-16 hschang[ltrace, libunwind] remove bbfiles, oe-core provide...
2014-12-16 hschang[shadow] fix login priority to low, used for update...
2014-12-16 hschang[libdaemon] remove bad checksum.