2017-11-27 hschang[dvbapp] increase PR.
2017-11-24 oskwonMerge branch 'master' of
2017-11-24 schonupdate drivers(solo4k, uno4k, ultimo4k, uno4kse)
2017-11-24 oskwon[dvbmediasink] support VP9 (uno4k/ultimo4k/uno4kse)
2017-11-22 schonupdate driver(ultimo4k)
2017-11-22 hschang[dvbapp] increase PR.
2017-11-21 hschang[dvbapp] add udev to RDEPENDS.
2017-11-21 schonupdate drivers(duo2, solo2, solose)
2017-11-20 hschang[dvbapp] use e2label to automount storage devices.
2017-11-20 schonupdate dirvers(solo4k, uno4k, uno4kse, ultimo4k)
2017-11-16 hschang[udev] fix device mount point.
2017-11-16 hschang[dvbapp] increase PR.
2017-11-16 schonupdate driver(uno4kse)
2017-11-16 schonupdate driver(uno4kse)
2017-11-15 hschang[dvbapp] add bluetoothsetup on RDEPENDS.
2017-11-15 hschang[vuplus-dvb-proxy] add kernel-image to RDEPENDS.
2017-11-15 hschang[openwebif] Fix box and remote display.
2017-11-15 hschang[bluetoothsetup/util] improve stability.
2017-11-15 oskwon[chromium] fixed a missing SRCDATE.
2017-11-15 oskwonMerge branch 'master' of
2017-11-15 oskwon[chromium/kodiegl] fix initial bug.
2017-11-15 oskwon[kodi] add missing depend library.
2017-11-14 smlee[webkit-hbbtv] update hbbtv.
2017-11-14 smlee[libvugles2] Updated.
2017-11-14 hschang[linux-libc-headers] apply dmx_source_dvr patch to...
2017-11-13 hschang[dvbapp] fix recording for solo4k.
2017-11-07 hschang[udev] mount hdd storage to /media/hdd using udev.
2017-11-07 schonMerge branch 'master' of
2017-11-07 schonupdate drivers(duo2, solo2, solose, zero)
2017-11-03 hschangSupport Uno4kSE
2017-11-02 oskwonMerge branch 'master' of
2017-11-02 hschang[vuplus-manual] fix SRC_URI.
2017-11-02 oskwon[chromium] fixed FF/RW bugs.
2017-11-01 oskwonMerge branch 'master' of
2017-11-01 oskwon[chromium] fixed freezing bug.(ultimo4k)
2017-11-01 schonupdate drivers(solo4k, uno4k, ultimo4k)
2017-11-01 schonMerge branch 'master' of
2017-10-31 schonupdate drivers(solo4k, uno4k, ultimo4k, uno, ultimo)
2017-10-30 schonupdate drivers(solo4k, uno4k, ultimo4k, uno, ultimo)
2017-10-25 oskwon[chromium] fixed freezing issue when seeking a video.
2017-10-18 smlee[opera-hbbtv] fix youtubetv transparency issue
2017-09-14 hschang[dvbapp] increase PR.
2017-09-07 hschang[dvbapp] increase PR.
2017-09-06 hschang[bluetoothsetup] update ultimo4k.
2017-09-05 smlee[libvugles2] fix md5sum/sha256
2017-09-05 hschang[BluetoothSetup] Support Solo4k/Uno4k.
2017-09-05 smlee[libvugles2] Updated.
2017-08-31 hschang[dvbapp] increase PR.
2017-08-31 schonupdate drivers(solo4k, uno4k, ultimo4k)
2017-08-22 schonupdate drivers(duo2, solo2. solose, zero)
2017-08-21 hschang[vuplus-dvb-proxy] Make sure kernel shared workdir...
2017-08-21 hschangSupport Quad PiP.
2017-08-21 schonupdate drivers(solo4k, uno4k, ultimo4k)
2017-07-27 hschang[Bluetooth] end of voice recording condition has been...
2017-07-25 smlee[vuduo2] remove checkvfd for firmwareupgrade from MACHI...
2017-06-30 smlee[libvugles2] Updated.
2017-06-29 schonupdate driver(ultimo4k)
2017-06-22 schonupdate driver(ultimo4k)
2017-06-14 hschangSupport scrambled playback
2017-06-09 hschang[BluetoothSetup] update firmware of VUPLUS-BLE-RCU...
2017-06-08 hschang[dvbapp] increase PR.
2017-05-30 hschang[bluetoothsetup] add libusb-compat to RDEPENDS.
2017-05-23 hschang[bluetoothsetup/util] Fix to change samplerate issue.
2017-05-22 schonMerge branch 'master' of
2017-05-22 schonupdate drivers(duo2, solo2, solose, zero, solo4k, uno4k...
2017-04-11 oskwonupdate kodi to 17.x. (MIPS based models not supported...
2017-04-10 oskwonremove nss library from chromium package.
2017-03-30 smlee[directfb] increased PR.
2017-03-27 hschangSupport VUPLUS BLE RCU.
2017-03-24 hschang[gstreamer1.0-plugin-subsink] fix SRC_URI.
2017-03-24 smleeMerge branch 'master' of
2017-03-24 oskwonupdate chromiumos to support bt-rcu.
2017-03-24 smlee[webkit-hbbtv] update hbbtv.
2017-03-23 hschang[linux-vuplus] enable usb serial device drivers for...
2017-02-24 smlee[webkit-hbbtv] update hbbtv.
2017-02-23 hschang[dvbapp] increase PR.
2017-02-23 hschang[vuplus-blindscan-utils] update arm/mipsel dvb-t2 blind...
2017-02-20 schonupdate drivers(uno4k, ultimo4k)
2017-02-18 schonupdate driver(ultimo4k, uno4k)
2017-02-17 schonupdate driver(uno4k, ultimo4k)
2017-02-10 oskwonupdate initrd (solo4k/uno4k/ultimo4k)
2017-02-06 oskwonfixes crash error.
2017-02-01 oskwonupdate dvbapp.
2017-01-23 schonupdate driver(solo4k)
2017-01-16 oskwonupdate initrd for solo4k/uno4k/ultimo4k.
2017-01-12 schonupdate drivers(solo4k, uno4k, ultimo4k)
2017-01-05 smleeUpdate libvugles2
2016-12-28 schonupdate drivers(duo2, solo2, solose, zero)
2016-12-23 schonupdate drivers(solo4k, uno4k, ultimo4k)
2016-12-16 hschang[vuplus-blindscan-utils] use bz2 compression format.
2016-12-15 schonupdate drivers(solo4k, uno4k, ultimo4k)
2016-12-14 smlee[dvbapp] increase PR
2016-12-12 smlee[dvbapp] increase PR
2016-12-12 smleeUpdate libvugles2
2016-12-09 hschang[dvbapp] increase PR
2016-12-08 oskwonblindscan utils updated.
2016-12-08 oskwonblindscan utils updated.
2016-12-07 hschangUse default skin VU_HD_1080P for solo4k
2016-12-06 smleeMerge branch 'master' of
2016-12-06 smleeUpdate libvugles2(uno4k, ultimo4k)