2014-12-24 hschangMerge remote-tracking branch 'oe21/master' into vuplus-3.0
2014-12-23 hschang[procps] vm.min_free_kbytes is removed in sysctl.conf"
2014-12-23 hschang[udev] fix additional rules.
2014-12-23 hschang[procps] vm.min_free_kbytes is removed in sysctl.conf.
2014-12-22 hschang[udev] Update to 182.
2014-12-22 hschang[initscripts] prevent to create /dev/tty0.
2014-12-19 hschang[orc] remove error messages.
2014-12-18 hschang[orc] update to lastest version in oe-core.
2014-12-18 hschang[gst-plugins-base] add cdparanoia to DEPENDS.
2014-12-18 hschang[wvdial, wvstreams] update to lastest version in oe...
2014-12-18 hschang[openssl] update to lastest version in oe-core (now...
2014-12-18 hschang[openwebif] remove 'cleanup images' to prevent build...
2014-12-18 hschang[autoshutdown] Fix patch.
2014-12-17 hschang[realtek] remove old r8712u/r8192cu drivers.
2014-12-17 hschang[procps] add PACKAGE_ARCH=MACHINE_ARCH to procps_3...
2014-12-17 hschang[enigma2-plugin-extensions-openwebif] add python-number...
2014-12-17 hschang[e2openplugins] apply changes from upstream.
2014-12-17 hschang[python-zopeinterface] generate pkg ${PN}-tests.
2014-12-17 hschang[dvbapp] fix wrong boolean type.
2014-12-17 hschangupdate submodules. (bitbake, meta-oe, oe-core)
2014-12-17 hschang[vuplus.conf] remove PREFERRED_VERSION for libpng.
2014-12-16 hschang[opkg-collateral] remove bbappend, use defaults.
2014-12-16 hschang[ltrace] build fix.
2014-12-16 hschang[libpng] use lasest version on oe-core. (1.6.8 -> 1...
2014-12-16 hschang[gdb] remove needless bbappend.
2014-12-16 hschang[ltrace, libunwind] remove bbfiles, oe-core provide...
2014-12-16 hschang[shadow] fix login priority to low, used for update...
2014-12-16 hschang[libdaemon] remove bad checksum.
2014-12-16 hschang[python-pycrypto] build fix. (autotools-brokensep)
2014-12-16 hschang[ntfs-3g-ntfsprogs] fix bbappend version 2013.1.13...
2014-12-12 hschangUse python-twisted from meta-openembedded. (version...
2014-12-12 hschangfix configure errors. (gettext, pkgconfig, autotools)
2014-12-12 hschangUpdate openembedded-core / meta-openembedded / bitbake...
2014-12-11 schonFix dual DVB-T2/C blindscan problem
2014-12-11 hschang[hddtemp] Fix SRC_URI.
2014-12-05 hschangIncrease dvbapp PR.
2014-12-05 schonupdate drivers
2014-12-01 hschang[task-vuplus-essential] Add missing dvb-usb-modules...
2014-12-01 schonupdate driver
2014-11-26 schonupdate drivers
2014-11-21 oskwonIncrease dvbapp PR.
2014-11-21 hschangMerge remote-tracking branch 'OE-2.1/master' into vuplu...
2014-11-20 schonfix solo2 ethernet problem in some Gigabit switches
2014-11-18 hschangAdd Vu+ Zero.
2014-11-13 hschangFix number zap problem on solose.
2014-11-12 hschangincrease dvbapp PR.
2014-11-07 hschangincrease dvbapp PR.
2014-10-29 schonfix dual DVB-T2/C tuner in changing mode
2014-10-23 hschangfix vuplus-blindscan-utils & increase dvbapp PR.
2014-10-23 schonSupport dual DVB-T2/C Tuner automatic scan
2014-10-21 schonAdjust bmem in duo/solo
2014-10-21 schonupdate drivers
2014-10-20 hschangincrease dvbapp PR.
2014-10-10 hschangincrease dvbapp PR.
2014-10-07 hschangincrease dvbapp/tuxbox-common PR.
2014-09-25 schonFix WOL problem in duo2
2014-09-25 schonupdate drivers
2014-09-15 hschangincrease dvbapp PR.
2014-08-29 schonUpdate driver
2014-08-18 hschang[vuplus-webmanual] fix incorrect output for solose.
2014-08-08 schonupdate drivers
2014-08-07 hschangMerge remote-tracking branch 'OE-2.1/master' into vuplu...
2014-08-06 hschangfix uno/ultimo harddisk detection
2014-08-06 schonfix slow network
2014-08-04 hschangincrease dvbapp PR.
2014-07-31 hschang[vuplus-blindscan-utils] do not install unused files.
2014-07-31 hschangRemove WOL feature for vusolose.
2014-07-31 hschang[vuplus-bootlogo] mv solose initrd to http server.
2014-07-25 smlee[hbbtv] compatibility for SD skin
2014-07-23 hschang[linux-vuplus-3.9.6] prevent warning message for rt2800usb
2014-07-23 hschangMerge remote-tracking branch 'OE-2.1/master' into vuplu...
2014-07-23 hschang[dvbapp] move PN/PR location to avoid merge conflict.
2014-07-22 hschang[hostap-daemon] do not install /etc/hostapd.conf
2014-07-22 hschang[dvbapp] fix up PV/PKGV.
2014-07-21 hschangincrease dvbapp PR.
2014-07-21 schonMerge branch 'master' of
2014-07-21 schonfix duo harddisk detection
2014-07-21 hschang[vsftpd] update to 3.0.2.
2014-07-21 smlee[hbbtv] fix UI position
2014-07-21 schonupdate driver(duo2)
2014-07-21 hschang[linux-libc-headers] add checksum
2014-07-18 hschangMerge remote-tracking branch 'OE-2.1/master' into vuplu...
2014-07-18 smlee[hbbtv] reduce CPU usage
2014-07-18 hschang[wvstreams] build fix.
2014-07-18 hschang[opera-hbbtv] fix RDEPENDS package specific, remove...
2014-07-18 hschang[bridge-utils] remove bb file from latest merge (8205d5...
2014-07-18 hschangMerge remote-tracking branch 'OE-2.1/master' into vuplu...
2014-07-18 hschang[dvbapp] remove pvr active for solose & fix typo.
2014-07-18 hschang[libpng] downgrade to 1.6.8 for prevent warning message.
2014-07-17 hschang[linux-vuplus-3.1.1] support DEVTMPFS_MOUNT support.
2014-07-17 hschangcleanup
2014-07-17 hschang[ntfs-3g] fix RRECOMMENDS
2014-07-17 smlee[hbbtv] fix ipc protocol
2014-07-17 hschangAdd model soloSE & update kernel and drivers.
2014-07-15 smleedisabled copy libs to sysroot
2014-07-14 smlee[hbbtv] upgraded to ''
2014-07-11 smleeincrease dvbapp PR.
2014-07-11 smlee[vbrowser] imported. It is new hbbtv and replaced opera...
2014-07-11 smlee[hbbtv] fix flickering some channel.
2014-07-11 OSJincrease dvbapp PR