[RemoteStreamConvert] fix error : eServiceReference has no attribute 'isInvisible'.
[vuplus_openvuplus_3.0] / meta-bsp /
2016-04-12 schonupdate driver(solo4k)
2016-04-05 oskwonfix youtubetv/chromium bug.
2016-04-04 oskwonsupport kodi.
2016-02-29 smlee[vuplus-bootlogo] update initrd for solo4k
2016-02-26 smlee[vuplus-bootlogo] update initrd for solo4k
2016-01-27 smlee[webkit-hbbtv] update hbbtv.
2016-01-19 oskwonupdate driver(solo4k)
2016-01-19 schonMerge branch 'master' of code.vuplus.com:/opt/repositor...
2016-01-18 oskwonSupport ChromiumOS and YoutubeTV on VuSolo4k.
2015-12-02 schonMerge branch 'master' of code.vuplus.com:/opt/repositor...
2015-12-02 hschangRemove FastZapSupport plugin.
2015-12-02 schonupdate proxy driver(solo4k)
2015-12-02 schonupdate proxy driver(solo4k)
2015-12-01 schonupdate drivers(solo2, duo2, solose, zero)
2015-12-01 schonupdate proxy drivers
2015-11-28 schonupdate proxy driver(solo4k)
2015-11-27 schonupdate proxy driver(solo4k)
2015-11-26 hschangupdate proxy driver(solo4k)
2015-11-25 hschangSupport transcoding in server idle mode with SOLO4K.
2015-11-24 hschangupdate proxy drivers
2015-11-24 hschangupdate drivers
2015-11-17 hschangupdate proxy drivers
2015-11-17 hschangupdate drivers
2015-11-13 hschangupdate driver(solo4k)
2015-11-09 hschang[vusolo4k] remove firmwareupgrade in MACHINE_FEATURE.
2015-11-04 hschang[vuplus-tuner-turbo] support solo4k. (kernel 3.14.28)
2015-11-04 hschangupdate drivers(solo4k)
2015-11-03 hschangDrivers update(solo4k)
2015-10-29 hschang[vuplus-dvb-proxy] fix postinst error.
2015-10-29 hschangfix proxy driver RDEPENDS. (core-boot -> vuplus-base...
2015-10-26 hschangupdate driver. (20151019-r1, solo4k)
2015-10-19 hschangSolo4K Support.
2015-08-04 hschang[webmanual] Fix SOLOSE nandsize in mainFeature.
2015-08-04 hschangupdate webmanual.
2015-08-04 hschangupdate proxy drivers
2015-08-04 hschangupdate drivers
2015-08-04 hschang[vuplus-blindscan-utils] remove PLUGABLE_SOLOSE_BLINDSC...
2015-08-04 hschangMerge branch 'vuplus-3.0' of code.vuplus.com:/opt/webro...
2015-07-16 hschang[vuplus-tuner-turbo] Remove inherit module-base.
2015-07-08 hschang[vuplus-dvb-proxy,module] Remove inherit module-base.
2015-05-13 hschangMerge remote-tracking branch 'build_test/vuplus-3.0...
2015-05-13 hschang[linux-vuplus] delete /tmp/vmlinux-3.13.5 within do_ins...
2015-05-13 hschangRemove WARNING messages, "The license listed CLOSED...
2015-05-11 hschangupdate proxy drivers and utils
2015-05-11 hschangdrivers update
2015-05-11 hschangMerge branch 'vuplus-3.0-next' into vuplus-3.0
2015-05-06 hschangRemove warning messages.
2015-04-10 hschangFix meta-bsp structure.
2015-03-30 hschang[linux-libc-headers] Use oe-core's linux-libc-headers.
2015-03-30 hschangMerge remote-tracking branch 'oe_21/master' into vuplus...
2015-03-17 hschangMerge remote-tracking branch 'oe_21/master' into vuplus-3.0
2015-03-17 schonupdate proxy drivers and utils
2015-03-17 schonupdate drivers
2015-03-12 hschangMerge remote-tracking branch 'oe_21/master' into vuplus...
2015-03-04 schonfix Dual DVB-T2/C aumatic scan problem
2015-03-03 hschangAdd vuplus-tuner-turbo driver.
2015-03-02 hschangFix SRCDATE of proxy drivers and utils.
2015-03-02 schonupdate drivers
2015-03-02 schonupdate proxy drivers and utils
2015-02-16 hschangbuild fix.
2015-02-12 hschangMerge remote-tracking branch 'oe_21/master' into vuplus-3.0
2015-02-09 hschangUpdate version ppp, orc, mc and linux-vuplus configure...
2015-02-06 hschangSupport gles animation.
2015-01-22 hschangMerge remote-tracking branch 'oe21/master' into vuplus-3.0
2015-01-09 schonupdate drivers
2015-01-05 hschang[linux-vuplus] Fix kernel features.
2014-12-31 schonupdate drivers
2014-12-29 schonupdate drivers
2014-12-24 hschangMerge remote-tracking branch 'oe21/master' into vuplus-3.0
2014-12-23 hschang[procps] vm.min_free_kbytes is removed in sysctl.conf"
2014-12-23 hschang[procps] vm.min_free_kbytes is removed in sysctl.conf.
2014-12-17 hschang[procps] add PACKAGE_ARCH=MACHINE_ARCH to procps_3...
2014-12-11 schonFix dual DVB-T2/C blindscan problem
2014-12-05 schonupdate drivers
2014-12-01 schonupdate driver
2014-11-26 schonupdate drivers
2014-11-21 hschangMerge remote-tracking branch 'OE-2.1/master' into vuplu...
2014-11-20 schonfix solo2 ethernet problem in some Gigabit switches
2014-11-18 hschangAdd Vu+ Zero.
2014-11-13 hschangFix number zap problem on solose.
2014-10-29 schonfix dual DVB-T2/C tuner in changing mode
2014-10-23 hschangfix vuplus-blindscan-utils & increase dvbapp PR.
2014-10-23 schonSupport dual DVB-T2/C Tuner automatic scan
2014-10-21 schonAdjust bmem in duo/solo
2014-10-21 schonupdate drivers
2014-09-25 schonFix WOL problem in duo2
2014-09-25 schonupdate drivers
2014-08-29 schonUpdate driver
2014-08-18 hschang[vuplus-webmanual] fix incorrect output for solose.
2014-08-08 schonupdate drivers
2014-08-07 hschangMerge remote-tracking branch 'OE-2.1/master' into vuplu...
2014-08-06 hschangfix uno/ultimo harddisk detection
2014-08-06 schonfix slow network
2014-07-31 hschang[vuplus-blindscan-utils] do not install unused files.
2014-07-31 hschangRemove WOL feature for vusolose.
2014-07-31 hschang[vuplus-bootlogo] mv solose initrd to http server.
2014-07-23 hschang[linux-vuplus-3.9.6] prevent warning message for rt2800usb
2014-07-23 hschangMerge remote-tracking branch 'OE-2.1/master' into vuplu...
2014-07-21 schonMerge branch 'master' of code.vuplus.com:/opt/repositor...
2014-07-21 schonfix duo harddisk detection