Merge branch 'vuplus_experimental' of into...
[vuplus_dvbapp] / lib / python / Plugins / Extensions /
2014-07-11 smleeMerge branch 'vuplus_experimental' of
2014-07-09 smlee[Vbrowser] imported.
2014-05-18 oskwonMerge branch 'vuplus_experimental' of
2014-05-15 oskwonSupport soloSE on some plugin.
2014-05-14 hschangMerge branch 'vuplus_experimental' of
2014-05-13 hschangcleanup and remove FactoryTest
2014-01-20 smlee[hbbtv] fix crash restart after installation.
2014-01-16 smlee[hbbtv] fix check vuplus
2014-01-16 smlee[hbbtv] fix playing live stream after vod stop
2014-01-16 smlee[hbbtv] works for compatibility
2014-01-10 kos[hbbtv] fixed a wrong red-button url bug.
2014-01-10 kos[hbbtv/youtubetv] fixed volume control bug.
2014-01-09 smleeMerge branch 'vuplus_experimental' of
2014-01-08 smlee[hbbtv] fix zapping delay from ait handling.
2013-12-31 smlee[hbbtv] changed ait handle
2013-12-24 kosadd youtube tv and remove resolution setting.
2013-11-21 kosadded media file format. (wmv,wma,asf)
2013-08-19 hschangMerge branch 'vuplus_experimental' of
2013-08-12 kosadd backup suite plugin.
2013-07-04 kosMerge branch 'vuplus_experimental' of
2013-07-04 smleevuplus homepage url changed ->
2013-07-03 kosremove the uri log when playing the vod.
2013-02-28 kos[streamplayer] enhanced player and updated stream list.
2013-02-20 kosMerge branch 'vuplus_experimental' of
2013-02-20 hschangMerge branch 'vuplus_experimental' of
2013-02-20 hschangfix default skins for SD skins.
2013-02-20 kos[browser] fixed menu skin to set the size automatically.
2013-02-15 kos[hbbtv/browser] added italian translation.
2013-02-15 kos[browser] fixed the plugin for using on the SD skin.
2013-01-15 kosMerge branch 'vuplus_experimental' of
2013-01-15 kos[media player] fixed the mistype in audio_extensions...
2013-01-14 changMerge branch 'vuplus_experimental' of
2013-01-14 changsupport dts/3gp/3g2/mts playback.
2013-01-14 kos[browser] added config to change keyboard layout.
2013-01-14 kosMerge branch 'vuplus_experimental' of
2013-01-11 changsupport flv playback.
2012-12-12 Chang.H.SMerge branch 'vuplus_experimental' of
2012-12-11 kosupdate command utils (dlnaserver, 3gmodemmanager).
2012-12-10 kos[browser] fix bug.
2012-11-28 kos[browser] update.
2012-11-06 kos[browser] update.
2012-10-29 kos[hbbtv] add channel change on hbbtv epg.
2012-10-22 kos[browser] enhanced the bookmark manager.
2012-10-15 kos[browser] fix crash on bookmark add.
2012-10-08 kos[browser] add exception handling.
2012-10-08 kos[browser] fix bookmark manager bug.
2012-10-08 kos[browser] update.
2012-09-24 kosMerge branch 'vuplus_experimental' of
2012-09-20 kos[hbbtv] update.
2012-09-06 kos[hbbtv] fix stream player.
2012-09-06 kosMerge branch 'vuplus_experimental' of
2012-09-06 kos[hbbtv] add playback status and volume control.
2012-08-31 kosfix bug of setting orgid.
2012-08-31 kosset platform profile and check application version.
2012-08-24 kosMerge branch 'vuplus_experimental' of
2012-08-24 kos- add opera browser.(with hbbtv)
2012-08-09 kos[dlnaserver] add autostart option.
2012-07-02 kos[dlnabrowser plugin] fix bug.
2012-05-23 kos[streamtv plugin] fix bug.
2012-05-07 kosfix bug
2012-05-07 kosadd plugins(dlnaserver and dlnabrowser)
2012-04-30 kosadd plugin(streamtv)
2012-03-12 kosfixed parsing quality option.
2012-02-22 Chang.H.SMerge branch 'vuplus_experimental' of
2012-01-31 kosfix youtube player of webbrowser launcher plugin.
2012-01-30 Chang.H.SMerge branch 'vuplus_experimental' of
2012-01-30 Chang.H.SVuplus Event : input 7 SN_b for MSA
2012-01-30 kosMerge branch 'vuplus_experimental' of
2012-01-30 kosfix build bug.
2012-01-27 kosmodify skin of plugins.
2012-01-26 Chang.H.SVuplusEvent : add 'MSA' to the first letters of SN
2012-01-20 chang.H.SMerge branch 'vuplus_experimental' of
2012-01-20 kosfix ui of plugins on 750s.
2012-01-20 chang.H.SVuplusEvent : fix title for 750S
2012-01-19 kosfix url parsing.
2012-01-09 Chang.H.Sadd Vuplus Event plugin. (remove Vuplus Genuine Plugin)
2012-01-04 Chang.H.SGenuineVuplus : fix typo
2012-01-04 Chang.H.Sadd genuine vuplus plugin
2011-12-23 kosupdate plugin.
2011-12-09 Chang.H.SMerge branch 'vuplus_experimental' of
2011-12-08 kos[webbrowser] improve the analysis of the rc-keyboard...
2011-11-04 Chang.H.SMerge branch 'vuplus_experimental_HdmiCec' into vuplus_...
2011-10-13 kosresize plugin ui and change dir of download in webbrowser
2011-10-11 kos[webbrowser] change keymap.
2011-10-07 kosMerge branch 'vuplus_experimental' of
2011-10-07 kos[webbrowser] add keyboard
2011-10-05 Chang.H.SMerge branch 'FactoryTest' into vuplus_experimental
2011-10-05 Chang.H.SMerge branch 'vuplus_experimental' of /opt/repository...
2011-09-30 kos[webbrowser] fix info
2011-09-29 Chang.H.SMerge branch 'vuplus_experimental' of /opt/repository...
2011-09-28 kosMerge branch 'vuplus_experimental' of
2011-09-28 kos[webbrowser] fix dependency
2011-09-28 kos[webbrowser] change category
2011-09-26 Chang.H.SMerge branch 'vuplus_experimental' into FactoryTest
2011-09-22 Chang.H.SMerge remote branch 'dm/experimental' into vuplus_exper...
2011-09-13 ghostMerge branch 'bug_671_python_update' into experimental
2011-09-13 ghostMerge branch 'master' of
2011-09-13 ghostMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/bug_785_fix_rtl_gr...
2011-09-13 ghostMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/bug_752_audio_sele...
2011-09-13 ghostMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/bug_671_python_update'