Audio Effect : when all of 3D surround audioout are set to off, 3D surround speaker...
[vuplus_dvbapp] /
2013-12-12 hschangadd Audio Effect plugin.
2013-08-19 hschangMerge branch 'vuplus_experimental' of
2013-08-12 kosadd backup suite plugin.
2013-08-07 kos[netdrive] add plugin.
2013-07-16 kosadd WOLSetup(WakeOnLan) plugin.
2012-12-18 Chang.H.SMerge branch 'vuplus_experimental' of
2012-12-18 Chang.H.STranscodingSetup : fix misspelling name.
2012-12-17 Chang.H.STransCordingSetup : add new plugin.
2012-11-28 kos[browser] fix build bug.
2012-08-24 kosMerge branch 'vuplus_experimental' of
2012-08-24 Chang.H.Sadd DeviceManager.
2012-08-24 kos- add opera browser.(with hbbtv)
2012-06-29 Chang.H.SMerge branch 'vuplus_experimental' of
2012-06-29 Chang.H.SZapping Mode Selection : add new Plugin
2012-05-07 kosadd plugins(dlnaserver and dlnabrowser)
2012-04-30 kosadd plugin(streamtv)
2012-04-18 Chang.H.SLinuxAP : add new plugin
2012-04-16 kosadd plugin (3g-modem-manager)
2012-01-30 Chang.H.SMerge branch 'vuplus_experimental' of
2012-01-30 kosMerge branch 'vuplus_experimental' of
2012-01-30 kosfix build bug.
2012-01-09 Chang.H.Sadd Vuplus Event plugin. (remove Vuplus Genuine Plugin)
2012-01-04 Chang.H.Sadd genuine vuplus plugin
2011-12-15 kos[crashreport] import plugin.
2011-12-09 Chang.H.SMerge branch 'vuplus_experimental' of
2011-12-09 kosfix blindscan blindscan and add firmwareupgrade plugin
2011-12-08 Chang.H.SLED Brightness Setup : Add new plugin
2011-11-24 kosuse rc-keyboard on ultimo
2011-11-15 Chang.H.SAdd vfd mode about right half display(--with-set-right...
2011-11-04 Chang.H.SMerge branch 'vuplus_experimental_HdmiCec' into vuplus_...
2011-11-04 Chang.H.SHDMICEC : add new plugin
2011-10-11 kos[webbrowser] change keymap.
2011-10-05 Chang.H.SMerge branch 'FactoryTest' into vuplus_experimental
2011-10-05 Chang.H.SMerge branch 'vuplus_experimental' of /opt/repository...
2011-09-30 Chang.H.SUI3DSetup : fix plugin name
2011-09-30 Chang.H.SUIPositionSetup : Add new plugin
2011-09-29 Chang.H.SOSD3DSetup : Add new Plugin
2011-09-29 Chang.H.SMerge branch 'vuplus_experimental' of /opt/repository...
2011-09-28 kosMerge branch 'vuplus_experimental' of
2011-09-28 Chang.H.SRemote Control Code : fix merge Conflict
2011-09-28 Chang.H.SRemote Control Code : Add new plugin
2011-09-28 kos[webbrowser] change category
2011-09-28 Chang.H.SMerge remote branch 'origin/vuplus_experimental' into...
2011-09-27 kosadd webbrowser launcher plugin.
2011-09-26 Chang.H.SMerge branch 'vuplus_experimental' into FactoryTest
2011-09-22 Chang.H.SMerge remote branch 'dm/experimental' into vuplus_exper...
2011-09-13 ghostMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/bug_453_multiepg_n...
2011-09-07 acid-burnMerge branch 'pootle-import'
2011-09-07 acid-burnMerge branch 'pootle-import' into experimental
2011-07-27 Chang.H.SMerge branch 'vuplus_experimental' of /opt/repository...
2011-07-08 Chang.H.SMerge branch 'vuplus_experimental' of /opt/repository...
2011-07-07 kosMerge branch 'vuplus_experimental' of
2011-07-07 Chang.H.SMerge branch 'vuplus_experimental' of /opt/repository...
2011-07-06 kosadd blindscan plugin.
2011-07-05 Chang.H.SManualFancontrol : ADD ManualFancontrol Plugin
2011-06-10 Chang.H.SMerge branch 'vuplus_experimental' of /opt/repository...
2011-06-10 Chang.H.SMerge branch 'vuplus_experimental' of /opt/repository...
2011-06-09 Chang.H.SMerge branch 'FactoryTest' into vuplus_experimental
2011-05-25 schonMerge commit 'dm/experimental' into test branch
2011-05-20 Chang.H.SMerge branch 'WirelessLanSetup' into vuplus_experimental
2011-05-16 Chang.H.SMerge branch 'FactoryTest' into vuplus_experimental
2011-05-13 kosadd FPGAUpgrade Plugin.
2011-05-04 acid-burnMerge remote branch 'origin/pootle-import'
2011-05-04 acid-burnMerge remote branch 'origin/pootle-import' into experim...
2011-05-03 ghostMerge remote-tracking branch 'remotes/origin/bug_599_pi...
2011-04-21 acid-burnMerge remote branch 'origin/pootle-import' into experim...
2011-04-21 acid-burnMerge remote branch 'origin/pootle-import'
2011-04-13 schonMerge commit 'dm/experimental' into test_0413
2011-04-05 ghostMerge branch 'bug_599_picload_fd_leak' into experimental
2011-04-05 ghostMerge branch 'bug_599_picload_fd_leak' into experimental
2011-04-05 ghostMerge branch 'bug_599_picload_fd_leak' into experimental
2011-04-04 acid-burnMerge branch 'pootle-import' into experimental
2011-03-17 ghostMerge branch 'bug_453_multiepg_no_more_ask_bouquet...
2011-03-16 Andreas OberritterMerge branch 'obi/bcm_accel'
2011-03-15 schonMerge commit 'dm/experimental' into test branch
2011-03-10 ghostMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/bug_453_multiepg_n...
2011-02-19 ghostMerge branch 'bug_537_ignore_vob_pgs_subtitles' into...
2011-02-19 ghostMerge branch 'bug_537_ignore_vob_pgs_subtitles' into...
2011-02-16 ghostMerge branch 'bug_124_m2ts_support'
2011-02-11 acid-burnMerge remote branch 'origin/pootle-import'
2011-02-11 acid-burnMerge remote branch 'origin/pootle-import' into experim...
2011-02-09 ghostMerge branch 'bug_635_timer_sanity_check_speedup'
2011-02-09 ghostMerge branch 'bug_570_playback_skip_fixes_and_cleanup_m...
2011-01-27 schonMerge commit 'dm/experimental' into test_0127
2011-01-26 acid-burnMerge remote branch 'origin/pootle-import'
2011-01-26 acid-burnMerge remote branch 'origin/pootle-import' into experim...
2011-01-18 acid-burnMerge remote branch 'origin/acid-burn/bug_608_add_nim_s...
2011-01-18 schonMerge commit 'dm/experimental' into test_0108
2011-01-11 Andreas OberritterMerge branch 'obi/master'
2011-01-11 Andreas OberritterMerge branch 'obi/bcm_accel' into experimental
2011-01-08 schonMerge commit 'dm/experimental' into test_0108
2011-01-04 FraxinasMerge branch 'master' into experimental
2010-12-31 ghostMerge branch 'master' into experimental
2010-12-21 ghostMerge branch 'bug_124_m2ts_support' into experimental
2010-12-21 ghostMerge branch 'bug_635_timer_sanity_check_speedup' into...
2010-12-20 Andreas OberritterMerge branch 'master' into obi/master
2010-12-20 Chang.H.SMerge commit 'origin/vuplus_experimental' into Wireless...
2010-12-20 Chang.H.SMerge branch 'vuplus_experimental' of /var/ikseong...
2010-12-20 Chang.H.Sreplace package name, WirelessLanSetup
2010-12-16 ghostMerge branch 'master' into experimental